Can we bring outside food into the park?

We offer many delicious food items at reasonable prices. However, if you wish to bring your own food we do allow you to exit the park, use our picnic area and then re-enter the park. Cowabunga Bay does not allow outside food or beverages in the park under any circumstances with the following exceptions. All bags and towels will be searched prior to park entrance. Coolers - small hard and soft coolers are allowed to carry ice and factory sealed water bottles only.  Coolers larger than 16 quarts must be left at home or in your vehicle as they will not be allowed inside the park. Toddlers & Infants - One small sandwich bag with a single portion of toddler snacks may be brought in per child, a small juice box or infant formula is permitted.  Packaged snacks are not permitted.  We offer toddler snacks in the Cowabunga Trader Store.  Items such as fruit cups, apple sauce, milk, apple juice, crackers are available at prices lower than your local grocery store. Medical Needs - Certain foods that are needed due to food allergies may be checked in and held in our refrigerator at Guest Services.  You may eat these items in the shaded picnic area outside the front gate.   The American Diabetics Association recommends that all people with diabetes wear a medical alert bracelet.  Those with this medical identification may bring in one factory sealed fruit juice item.

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