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At Cowabunga Bay we’re MORE than just a Summer job…

we’re friends, we’re family, we’re opportunities, we’re fun, and we’re paychecks!  

Cowabunga Bay is looking for Stars to Shine for the 2021 Season.  Apply Now, All positions are open.  Please click on the links below for detailed job descriptions. 

Available positions: 

   Morning Washdown    

Cabana Server 21+ years


       Food Prep/Cook          

 Food Service/Expiditor  



           Park Services            

Job Requirements:

  • Honesty & Reliability is our #1 priority on all reference checks.
  • Applicants must be 16 years of age at time of hire.
  • Schedules: We strive for a set schedule. Due to the seasonal nature of our business, working evenings, weekends, Sundays and holidays is expected. Excessive tardiness or absenteeism will not be tolerated. If you have extended summer vacations or activities this may not be the job for you.
  • Appearance: All employees are required to wear the proper uniform. Lifeguards will be required to wear company issued shirt and shorts. Other employees will wear company issued shirt and coordinating pants or shorts, which you provide. Female Employees: No extreme hairstyles or colors. Only one earring allowed per ear (no visible piercings). No excessively long or colored nails. Male Employees: Hair no longer than collar length and neatly styled. One earring allowed per ear (no visible piercings).
  • Guest Service: Excellent people skills and courtesy is mandatory at all times. By signing the application, you agree to participate in our random drug testing program onsite.
  • Certifications:  Cashiers, Food Expediters and Cooks will be required to have a current food handlers card provided by the Southern Nevada Health District. An Alcohol Awareness Card will be required for those working Cashier, Food Expediter and Cook positions if the employee is of 21 years of age.
  • Certifications: Lifeguards will be trained and certified onsite at Cowabunga Bay.  Swim and written tests must be passed in order to obtain a lifeguard certification. All lifeguards will be trained, certified and licensed by StarGuard Elite.